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Hire Roy

Who is Roy Bedward?

Roy Bedward is an artist, poet, essayist, and 35 year-old man with autism. He has written extensively about his life as an individual with autism – from the time when he was a little boy living in an institution to his life as a grown man living in the community. Roy is non-verbal and remains highly dependent on others for many of his basic everyday needs. Roy uses facilitated communication to express his thoughts and feelings and loves telling his story.

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What is the presentation?

Roy’s presentation is in a Powerpoint format and contains text written by Roy along with many color photographs of his paintings. Roy’s paintings portray his acute sense of color and a raw, unrestrained energy while his essays and poetry reveal an extremely sensitive and loving heart.

The formal presentation can be adapted to different time frames lasting anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. Each presentation will end with an informal question and answer session where Roy will type his answers to questions from the audience.

Cards, book, and other products showing Roy’s artwork will be available for purchase at the end of the presentation.

What is Facilitated Communication?

Facilitated communication is a technique where a facilitator supports Roy’s arm or hand so that he can use a computer keyboard to type his thoughts and feelings. To the casual observer, it can appear that the facilitator is moving Roy’s hand and in essence, typing his words for him. However, in reality, the facilitator is providing backwards resistance that pushes Roy’s hand away from the keyboard and towards his chest. Working against this resistance gives Roy the support for precise muscle control that he needs to accurately hit the keys he desires.

Who would be interested in this presentation?

This presentation is well suited for groups who are interested in learning more about autism directly from the source. This would include teachers, church groups, or any professionals who work in human service organizations. It will be particularly meaningful for parents of children or adults with autism and the care providers who work with these individuals. Roy has a special interest in talking with parents, especially those who have young children, and other individuals with autism.

How do I sign up for a presentation?

Roy is available for booking by private groups. If you are an individual, you can sign up for email notification when an event that is open to the public is scheduled.

How much does it cost?

Fees for presentations to private groups are on a sliding scale that runs from “costs only” up to $200 per event. Some public events are free while others charge a minimal entrance fee.

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