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“Roy’s work will transform you. Through his words and his art, he challenges us all to question our assumptions, to replace old paradigms, and to consider new possibilities for all. I have seen Roy present several times over the past ten years and I walk away stunned every time. Roy doesn’t just help me think differently about autism. He helps me think differently about how I think.” –Paula Kluth, Ph.D.

“When I saw Roy, I thought there is hope for me. Knowing he can give presentations inspires me.”

-Quinn Partridge
High School Student and FC Speaker

“I retired after some 30 years as a special education teacher. Roy has been teaching me ever since. We all need to pay attention to what he has to say!”

-Char Brandl

“Roy’s presentation was transformational. The depth of his thoughts, perceptions, and above all his self-awareness, completely changed my view of Autism. He has allowed me to make a quantum leap forward in my interactions and work with those on the Spectrum.”

-Jugney, 2009

Spectrum Yoga Therapy Teacher